About the Artist

Ever since I was at school I have always loved painting and drawing. Leaving school at 16 I started a short lived career as a secretary as my parents didn’t see art as a viable career! I then funded myself through art school, starting a small business in hand painted textiles for fashion. I then had a small business running fashion shows and saved for University. I graduated in 1998 from the University of Brighton with a First Class hons in textile design followed by an MA in digital printed textiles.

I started my practice in creating bespoke art for specific interiors whilst lecturing at the University of Brighton and as a Manager at The Design Trust in London. During my career I have travelled extensively and worked abroad in Lyon, Zurich, New York and more recently with my husband in Gibraltar where my little girl was born in 2009.

About my Art

I translate my environment onto canvas and paper using a variety of mediums that allow me to explore surface texture and pattern to record the sites, energy and emotions around me. Inks, collage and acrylic paint enables me to create spontaneous lines, textures and marks which makes my art work unique and personal.

I work fast and spontaneously, occasionally on several pieces at one time. I really value the ability to translate what I see and feel through creating individual pieces of art that can be sold as originals or limited edition prints.

EJMacdonald Art Equiptment

Corporate Interiors

I also enjoy the challenges of working to commission if a client has a specific project that suits my style of work. I have worked for several corporate clients including Zizzi restaurants, Café Uno, Fullers brewery, ICB Bank, Brands Leisure, as well as many individual offices and private clients to produce bespoke art for specific spaces. More recently I have produced a series of tonal work for the Nuffield Gymn and Hospital Chester and a selection of these prints are for sale.


When possible I enjoy running art sessions with dementia sufferers including workshops as a Lead Artist for Age UK Cheshire and my own workshops with carers and dementia patients offering opportunities to communicate through art and have fun.

Having seen many loved ones affected by cancer and experienced my own health challenges I contribute to cancer research through the sales of my work and am aiming to fund workshops in 2016 to help people recover from the isolation and stress of cancer by providing relaxing and fun art sessions.