Superstreet Gallery is a Project I started in 2019 working closely with Lou Flood, a fellow artist.  We brought together people in a variety of workshops, parties and classes to introduce them to art and the benefits creativity could bring to their mental wellbeing.  We raised funds for wellbeing projects through the sale of contemporary canvas art work at Art Fairs and on line.  Currently, Lou is not directly involved in Superstreet Gallery but supports the projects when possible whilst focusing on her own creative practice.

Projects undertaken included  Art for Wellbeing courses  held at St Marys Without The Walls in Handbridge with specific sessions  to help people affected by illness  including  supporting families and friends of people living with dementia.  These brought people together who could share their experiences using art as a communication tool, or who just wanted a relaxed distraction from their daily routine.  Other projects have included art events for Corporate Clients to benefit their employees.    This year I will be running a series of  Art for Wellbeing Events alongside art workshops,  hosted by Watergate Street Gallery.    The social events and art courses raise money to  contribute to the cost of running the art for wellbeing programmes to be delivered later in the year.



As a young girl I remember my grandmother developing dementia and the  impact it had on family life and challenges we faced  as the disease progressed.  From then I had an empathy with people affected by this disease, which was not well supported in the community  in the 80’s.  When I lived in Gibraltar I set up the first Art for Wellbeing Creative Council which the Government Funded to assist elderly living in isolation as well as  working with people in care.  My mother lived with dementia and lung cancer and I moved into her home in Chester with my one year old daughter to care for her for several years so I understand the impact this stress can have on an unpaid carers health.  From 2010 I  worked with different organisations including Age UK as a lead artist in delivering creative wellbeing projects to care home residents which resulted in her working on the Artists Tool Kit which was designed to support carers and artists with creative projects in care home settings, and  recently supported close family members through illness and some of the isolation old age can bring.

Having  personal experience in battling cancer, living with a loved one with dementia and balancing life with chronic pain I can genuinely testify how art has helped me get through some very hard times.   It takes you into a flow which clears your mind and then when you are focused into a zone where it is  wonderful just to be able to completely relax into the creative process.  I have found that when I am painting I do not suffer with pain I would usually experience throughout the day, this may not be the case for everybody but it works for me and other people I know.

The wellbeing workshops are not about the end result but the enjoyment of process.  These classes are not aimed for people set on learning how to improve their artwork and resolve paintings, however I will introduce a variety of art techniques which will be fun and equip you with some skills you can develop in your own time.  The aim of the wellbeing workshops is for participants to relax in a warm, welcoming and kind environment and embrace art and all the enjoyment it can bring.

If you want to know the dates of courses or book a place please visit the events page on this site or email me                                                           Floral 2 image           Creative Wellbeing image