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SUPER Superstreet Gallery Halloween night.
Thank you to all the children who came and produced some super spooky masks. Thanks to the parents who took some lovely photos too. And the biggest thanks to Alex at The Watergate Street Gallery for hosting the event.
‘Mummy wrap’ was great fun – some interesting ‘techniques’ employed by Elizabeth Macdonald who almost wrapped her team in with the mummy!
Donuts on a string was hilarious- a definite must for next year!
We had poor blind (paper) spiders before ‘Pin the eye on the spider’. After, they had their eight eyes back – just not necessarily in the right place!
Some good faces pulled for the touch and feel station. Boxes included dried tongue, eyeballs, brains, witches fingers, chipmunk eyes etc.
Amazing talent came through for the mask making competition. They were all given exactly the same things yet produced such widely varied ideas – absolutely SUPER!!